The Irony in Covid-19

I remember when Covid-19 was “first” reported in the United States I was so worried about it and I remember saying “This is horrible it’s going to take over the whole world” and my friends laughed at me and told me to relax. Then I thought well maybe it’s not that bad and I was just being crazy but I was right! Which I did take pride in being that I could say “I told you so” but it also felt really horrible being right because I didn’t know all the repercussions surrounding this disease at the time.

I remember hearing about the symptoms of the disease when it first came out which startled me because I had all those exact symptoms in January when Covid-19 wasn’t even a thing. I got tested for everything strep, mono, flu all negative. So I was confused when the doctor said “Oh it seems to be some sort of virus I’m not sure though but it should surpass” then he filled out a prescription for me. And I just remember the long nights of coughing to the point where I couldn’t breathe and needed to get an inhaler. How could something this severe be so unknown then a couple months later I hear of this new disease ironically. According to Linda Hutchinson’s “Functions of Irony” this seems like situational irony.



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Eileen Musico

Hi my name is Eileen Musico I am from Woodbury New York. My favorite color would have to be lime green. I can’t wait to hopefully explore the world one day.