Coronavirus Metaphorically on Hold

During this Covid-19 pandemic many people focus on the negative aspects of what the disease has done to the world and its inhibitors. I think I would refer to coronavirus as “hold” since it essentially puts my life on hold and now when I think about it I don’t have to think about a beer being infected. Coronavirus is horrible and has taken a huge toll on people’s lives but it has also bettered the environment as well. Finding the positive aspects laced in coronavirus are tricky to find. Coronavirus was a big storm cloud that clung all around the Earth and has not seemed to vanish. But recently I have seen videos of dolphins swimming along the shore of New York City which is highly uncommon but since the pandemic the water has become less polluted creating a much safer environment for our aquatic life everywhere not just in New York City. Although this hold was brought upon us suddenly I think that it helped us cherish the little things in life. Before the pandemic worshipping and helping small businesses get by was a chore no one intended to take care of or thought about. But now we see the importance of what small businesses can offer and how they impact our local communities. I think by referring to coronavirus as “hold” we can offer people a glimmer of hope because although you can stay on hold for a while you always end up moving forward again or getting your call transferred it depends.



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Eileen Musico

Hi my name is Eileen Musico I am from Woodbury New York. My favorite color would have to be lime green. I can’t wait to hopefully explore the world one day.